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Registration Process
If you haven't already registered, this section will take you step-by-step through the registration process.

First, Click on the "Registration" button on the login screen.

Registration 1

At the Registration page, enter your Social Security number, with *no* dashes or spaces between numbers.

Then, enter the Client Temp Password (given to you by your financial advisor). Hit the "Next" button to submit this form.

Next, review the User Agreement, and hit the "Accept" button to proceed to the next step.

At Registration Process: Step 1 of 2, set your Username and Password. Each can be any combination of capital and lower case letters and/or numbers, but should contain no spaces and must be at least 10 characters total. Choose a username and password which are easy to remember, but which are not so obvious that they can be easily guessed (e.g. your initials). It's a good idea to write them both down somewhere, in case you forget them later.

Please enter all the required fields of your personal information. The information that you entered will be secure and protected from third party viewing. Please make sure to accurately enter your information. The information will allow your financial advisor to forward you printed and/or e-mail statements. It will also help you retrieve a lost or forgotten password. You will need your username to request the "forgot password" tool. Then, the system will immediately send your password to your e-mail account.


Become an Active User
After you complete the registration process, your financial advisor will receive an Investor Registration Notification e-mail. This e-mail will informs the advisor that you have been successfully registered and that you are requesting immediate activation. Once you are approved, an Approval Notification e-mail will be automatically sent to inform you that your logon is now active.