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Manual Entry

Manual Entry gives you the ability to manually enter accounts, assets and transactions. That allows you to view your manually entered data that the system does not currently have the ability to aggregate due to assets that cannot be sent via data interface. Your financial advisor may also have the ability to manage and create the manual entry for you. Please consult with your financial advisor regarding this. If your financial advisor creates a manual account for you, you can only view information entered by him or her. You cannot edit any information. On the other hand, if you created the manual account, your Financial Advisor can only view information of that account and will not have the ability to edit it.

Note - This functionality may not be available from your broker.


To Create a Manual Account:

  1. Select the "Create Manual Account" link in the Manual Account section of the "Portfolio List" screen.

  2. The Create Manual Account screen will display. This screen allows you to enter: Account Name, Account Number, Account Type, and Cost Basis Accounting Method.


  3. Select "Submit" to continue, you will arrive at the "Create Manual Asset" screen. The message, What type of asset is this? will display. You must select 1 of 2 buttons. The Tracked button will allow you to search for an asset that we currently price regularly in our system. The Non-Tracked button allows you to enter an asset that our system does not track or price.

  4. By selecting the "Tracked" button you will arrive at "Search Tracked Asset" screen. This screen allows you to search for an asset by Ticker or Asset Name or Asset ID.

  5. After selecting the "Search" button you will see a display of the manual asset search results. If you see the asset you are trying to add you can select it by clicking the asset name link. There is also an Enter A Non-Tracked Asset button at the bottom of the screen in case you cannot find the asset you are looking for during your search.

  6. Non-Tracked assets can be entered after selecting the "Non-Tracked" or "Enter Non-Tracked Asset" button. Either one of these buttons will lead you to the Enter A Non-Tracked Asset area in the "Create Manual Asset" screen. There are 4 fields that should be filled in: Asset Name, Asset Type, Security Type and Investment Objective. The Asset Name field must be filled in.

  7. After submitting this information or selecting an asset from the search results the "Manual Transaction" screen will display the Non-Tracked asset that you entered or the Tracked asset that you selected. Transactions can be added in the Add Transactions section of the screen. The first time you enter an asset, the Transaction Type 1st Buy (Initial Position) will display and you must use this field to start. Enter the information in the open text fields that pertain to the transaction. The "Transaction Type" field will appear as Transaction Type/Price Update" for assets that display in the "Tracked" field header as "No". You can select the transaction type from a drop down list in the "Transaction Type" column. Five transactions can be entered on one screen.


  8. The "Submit" button will display the "Manual Transaction" screen with the asset that was selected, the Current Holding information section listing updated information that includes transactions you recently added, five new rows for transaction entry and a transaction history list with the option to delete any transactions that were previously entered. If any typographical errors are made, the asset or transaction must be deleted and re-entered.

    Users are responsible for adding stock split transaction adjustments to tracked manually entered assets.