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Create Portfolio

The Create Portfolio functionality allows you to create custom portfolios based on your holdings. You can group accounts and assets together or break them out to a separate portfolio for holdings or performance evaluations.

Create Portfolio Step-by-Step

1. New Portfolio Name - Name your portfolio something that will help you easily identify it.

2. Select Benchmark (Optional)- Apply to the Core Value by Benchmark Report and Core     Summary Report.

  • Global/Default model portfolio is the global setting set up by your advisor.

  • Standard allows you to select up to two industry standard benchmarks to compare your portfolio performance to.

  • Composite – Your broker dealer and financial advisor have the ability to select up to ten industry standard benchmarks to build a unique composite benchmark. Only your broker dealer and financial advisor can create a composite benchmark for you. If there is no composite benchmark available, it is because your advisor has not created one.

3. Select Model Portfolio Rebalance (Optional) - Apply only to the Model Portfolio Rebalance     Report . Only your broker dealer and financial advisor can create a Model Portfolio Rebalance     for you. If there is none available, it is because your broker dealer or financial advisor has not     created one.

4. Select Account(s) - at least one account must be selected from the account list.

5. Click “Next” to validate your entry.

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Validate Portfolio Details

At the Validate Portfolio Details screen, verify the portfolio structure is exactly what you have in mind.

If everything is correct, click “Submit” to finish creating the portfolio. The completion will take you to the Portfolio List screen where you will see the portfolio you just created has been added to the portfolio list.

Note - Some of the features may not be available from your broker.